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Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades may not be the most exciting topic for most of us,  but they are pretty important. We have all had an experience when a sudden snow or rain storm hits while we’re driving; then when we turn on the wipers – nothing but streaks and bumps . This can be especially bad at night when the glare of on-coming headlights distorts your vision.

Simple answer: change your wiper blades BEFORE they fail. Check them out every couple of months just to see how they are working. Of course, the more you use your wipers, the sooner they’ll wear out. Areas with lots of storms or those who drive a lot in NJ where there are bugs and road grime will use their blades more.

Remember they are exposed to sunlight, ozone, soap, and extreme hot and cold NJ temperatures which lead to deterioration. The blades can just rot away, fall apart, rip or tare before you think you need them. If the blades are torn it lead to scratches in your windshield.

There are two elements to the blade. First, the wiper blade itself: Some have a single wiping edge. Others have multiple edges – kind of like a multi-blade razor. The idea is to maximize wiping power during both swipes of the blade.

The other part is the wiper frame. This is the structure that applies pressure on the blade as it passes over the windshield. A conventional frame has four to six contact points on the blade. These apply pressure used to clear water and snow. A beam frame provides uniform pressure along the entire surface of the wiper. Their shape catches the wind passing over the vehicle to provide additional downforce to help get a clean swipe. A hybrid frame has four to six contact points as with a conventional blade, but also incorporates an airfoil to provide additional downforce as with beam blades.

Give us a call at Ryan’s Servicenter we can help you change your wipers and answer your questions. With our standard oil change we also check and fill (if needed) your wiper washer  fluid.

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