Green Repair Shop

Reducing environmental impact is a global challenge. Here at Ryan’s Servicenter, we understand the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. That’s why we are proud to be a GREEN auto repair shop!

Did you know that the automobile is the number one most recycled consumer product in the world today? More than 85% of the materials in motor vehicles, by weight, is recyclable. In addition to the recycling of old parts such as tires, there is also a significant amount of recycling that goes into the repair and maintenance of your vehicle. Auto repair shops have many different options for disposing of or recycling the parts and products in your automobile. Here at Ryan’s Servicenter, we choose to be earth-friendly!

Ryan’s Servicenter is proud to protect the environment by doing the following:

  • Using recycled automotive fluids for heat. In 1998, Ryan’s Servicenter invested in a Clean Burn waste oil recycling system to generate heat for our facility. Since then we have been heating our auto repair shop solely on recycled automotive fluids! According to the AAIA, “40% of water pollution in our nation’s harbors and waterways is the result of improper collection, disposal or recycling of motor oil.” We recycle all petroleum based products with this unit (oil, transmission fluids, gear oils, brake fluid, steering fluid, etc.), keeping it out of our country’s waterways!
  • Recycling antifreeze. Instead of disposing of old anti-freeze that we remove from your vehicle, we collect and store the anti-freeze and then send it to a recycling plant to be broken down into its original elements. From here it can be completely recycled and reused!
  • Properly maintaining and recycling tires. Through proper service and repair we extend tire life as much as possible to save you money and reduce waste. When tires do reach their end of life, we haul them to a recycling facility where they are ground down for use in roadways and power plants. These recycling efforts help keep tires out of landfills and stockpiles. Tires in landfills can cause toxic runoff that contaminates the soil and watershed, while tires in stockpiles can create fires, causing land and air pollution and contaminating surface and groundwater sources. Stockpiles also are a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rodents that can carry deadly diseases and pose a threat to human health.
  • Utilizing remanufactured parts where possible. Where applicable, remanufactured parts can contribute to the recycling process. When an automotive part breaks, many times it is only a certain component of that part that is actually the problem, much of the part is fine. Instead of throwing the whole part out, it can be remanufactured. When a part is remanufactured, the wearable, missing or non-functioning components are replaced, and the part is reassembled and tested for compliance with performance specifications. A remanufactured part normally costs 50-75% less than a comparable new one. For example about 50 percent of a starter is recovered in the remanufacturing process. This can result in annual savings in the U.S. of 8.2 million gallons of crude oil from steel manufacturing, 51,500 tons of iron ore, and 6,000 tons of copper and other materials!
  • Recycling cleaning solvents. Ryan’s Servicenter has invested in a state-of-the-art System-One parts cleaning system. This allows us to clean our automotive parts and recycles parts solvent on-site.
  • Recycling metal and batteries. Used metals from our auto repairs are hauled to a scrap yard for recycling. We also have a battery recycling program to ensure that the harmful components of batteries are disposed of properly. We accept used batteries for hazardous recycling/disposal. Over 95% of an automotive battery can be recycled.

How can you help?

One of the best ways to help protect the environment is by keeping your car, truck or SUV well-maintained. Having proper factory-scheduled maintenance services performed on-time improves the life of your vehicle, increases your vehicle’s resale value, and keeps your vehicle functioning properly, helping to reduce your carbon footprint! In addition, proper maintenance will keep your vehicle from leaking oil and fluids, expelling excess exhaust and more. It will also help your fuel efficiency so you can save some money at the gas pump!

We encourage you to please join us in doing your part to help the environment!

Auto Repair in Lanoka Harbor, NJ
Auto Repair in Lanoka Harbor, NJ