Exhaust Repair in Lanoka Harbor, NJ

The exhaust system on your car does more than just prevent noise pollution. It also contributes to your vehicle’s clean operation by reducing emissions from the tailpipe. If your muffler is dragging, your exhaust pipe is leaking, or your EGR system isn’t functioning as it should, you might be driving a loud and inefficient vehicle that’s polluting the air.

If your car needs an exhaust repair, visit the professionals at Ryan’s Servicenter in Lanoka Harbor for affordable, accurate service. Since 1967, Ryan’s Servicenter has been keeping Ocean County vehicles running quietly and efficiently.

Why Choose Ryan’s Servicenter for your Exhaust Repair?

Experienced Exhaust System Technicians that Care for the Environment

Our technicians are ASE-Certified and have been performing exhaust repairs for nearly two decades. They know how to keep your vehicle running quietly, but that’s not all. Our friendly technicians can help improve your fuel economy and reduce the environmental impact of your car, and can help your car pass its emissions check. At Ryan’s Servicenter, our technicians perform muffler replacements, exhaust repairs, and emissions system repairs on domestic and import models with precision.

Thorough muffler and exhaust inspections

We perform a complete exhaust system inspection to determine your vehicle’s exhaust problem and not just a visual inspection. If your engine is running rough, we scan for codes that could indicate a catalytic converter problem or oxygen sensor fault. We will find your exhaust problem the first time so you aren’t spending money on unnecessary repairs.

Comprehensive Overviews

Every issue we discover will be explained to you in as much detail as you want so you are a fully informed customer. We will answer all the questions you may have as we want to develop a long-term relationship with all our customers.

Honest No-Pressure Exhaust Repair Recommendations

We always give honest, hassle-free repair recommendations with no pressure to have repairs performed and no unnecessary repairs advised. We want you to be comfortable making your repair decision, and we will always keep your budget in mind to provide the proper repair for your situation.

Quality Muffler Replacements and Exhaust Parts

To ensure proper fitment and long-lasting operation, we always use Original Equipment or quality aftermarket exhaust parts for your exhaust repairs.

Convenience and Benefits for our Customers

  • Free Shuttle Service in 2-mile Radius
  • 24-hour Early Bird Dropoff
  • Family-friendly
  • Female-friendly
  • 6 Months Free Financing with Approval
  • 24 month/24,000 mile warranty
  • NAPA Certified
  • Authorized Extended Warranty Repair Provider

To experience reliable, honest exhaust repair in Lanoka Harbor, choose Ryan’s Servicenter — where we make happy cars! Call us at (609) 693-2966 or fill out the online appointment form to schedule your visit.

Our technicians use the latest technology to not only tell you if there are any issues with your vehicle, but show you.

If we uncover an issue the photo will be e-mailed to you for your records. At the end of every visit you will receive a detailed report regarding the general health of your vehicle. Our #1 goal is to keep you safe on the road.

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