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What is rotary and what do they do?

What is rotary and what do they do?

This year is Forked River Rotary’s 50th Anniversary. In the past 50 years here are some of the organizations/charities that they have donated to. Not all are listed, but we are hoping you understand the organization a little better. Their motto “Service Above Self”

Forked River Rotary services Lacey Township and Waretown.

50 years of giving total

.Scholarship Funds (Lacey High School) $1,250,000

  • Elf Program (Christmas gifts Presented to children ages up to 14 ) $1,500,000
  • Turkey Dinners Served Over 6,250 Families (To the underprivileged)
  • In-town developments Over $250,000

o Gille Park

o Town signage, etc.

  • International Programs Over $300,000

o Eradicate Polio

o Ukraine support, etc

o Gift of Life

  • Food Drive for the Over 75 tons of food Lacey Food Bank Collected
  • American Flag Program We Put out Flags in front of the businesses of our supporters

During Patriotic Holidays

.Lacey township police department

.Waretown Police Department

.Lacey First Aid

.Lanoka Harbor First Aid

.Forked River Fire Co

.Lanoka Harbor Fire Co

.Bamber Fire Co

And so many more.

They are a dedicated group of people that run multiple events to help support different organizations in our town. If you’re interested please visit their Facebook page : to ask questions.

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