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What do the Numbers on my Tires Mean?

What do the Numbers on my Tires Mean?

When looking at your tires you may see a number like this P260/70R16 108T.  Well, the P stands for a passenger vehicle. If there was an LT that stands for a light truck. The number (260) indicates the height of the tire. The (70) indicates the width of the tire. The next number (R16) R stands for radial and the 16 is the wheel diameter or rim size. The number that follows (108T) is the speed rating for this tire. If you are wondering what size tire your vehicle needs look on the inside of the drivers side of your door jam. There is a listing there that shows you the right fit for your vehicle.

If you need help with tires give us a call we explain and show you all you need to know about your vehicle’s tires.

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